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Nagado-daiko Drum

• Mã sản phẩm: Nagado-daiko Drum

Dharma Drum - Taiko (Japan) Sound / Musical Instrument

Drum diameter(head drum): optional
Wood type: pine
Include tool / parts: two bachi (Note: Price for a stand will be separate(the listing drum's price does not include the stand in the picture) 
The typical byou-uchi daiko is the "nagado-daiko" (long-body taiko). The nagado-daiko is an elongated drum, roughly shaped like a wine barrel, that can be shifted in many different ways that affect the sound of the instrument. The drum can also be played by more than one performer at the same time. This style of drum also signifies the family of drums that are made from a single piece of wood. Nagado-daiko are available in a variety of sizes, from 1.0 shaku(30 centimeters in head diameter), to 3.0 shaku(about 91 centimeters).  

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